DirectMii phone app

Know Your Way

Current clients

NetWork rail (wirral line closure)

In Life

Get In, Around and Out of Buildings

In railway stations

Find your Platform

Current clients

Liverpool city council

In Hotels

Find your way around and don't get lost

In The City

directions between offices or out in an emergency

In Shopping centers

Find your way around and do a little shopping

In Airports

Find your departure gate or a place to eat

For travelling

In your language

In hospital

Find your clinic or ward

Public Event

Use at a festival, summer fete or carnival

Current Clients

Wirral Council

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one stop shop


 One Stop Shop

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Business Login

Business Login

TrainMii Our app gives information and directions in,  around and out of buildings, places and events

Smart, simple and an easy way to have your ’ info’ on a customers phone

Information at your customers finger tips, letting them find best routes and the most suitable to your customers own personal abilities.*

Save your customers time by not getting lost.

Customers can plan their routes and can benefit from real time messages about obstructions, emergency evacuation instructions and other hazards

Manage people & places

Your own private Internet based dashboard lets you keep track of your customers and visitors,

Create Advertising plans for offers and events with links back to your website, including an app advert bar that you can custom

Create  QR codes to route plans with multiple up-loading options. Send emergency push notifications direct to peoples phones.

No software needed, just an Internet connection, the ability to take pictures and add text,… it’s that easy

* Only buildings guides and plans that have been uploaded to our server

Free app for your customer/ clients to download.

Suitable for any type of building, business or event

Door and window sticker available


*Designed by disabled people to accommodate their abilities and made for everyone to use